Titan strives to improve the quality of life for the communities in which it operates through several social initiatives and investments.

“Communities previously opposed to mining are changing their attitude, after seeing the benefits generated by Titan’s presence, through the generation of jobs and community development initiatives.”

Community health

  • working with local medical centres to provide medical assistance,
  • medicines and vitamins supplied for children with chronic malnutrition

Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Materials and labour provided for the expansion of local police stations, and maintenance of churches, and Health and Community Centres
  • Repowering of potable water treatment plants and maintenance of septic tanks
  • Preventive maintenance of access roads

Other Initiatives

  • Donation of grains to local farmers for planting and growing crops
  • Christmas donations made across each of the projects

Alliances Formed

  • Collaboration alliances established with local municipalities, providing permanent support for Titan’s activities and implementation of community development plans.
  • Significant advances made in community relations, generating support from local communities, with substantial improvements made in land access across our projects.