Titan strives to improve the quality of life for the communities in which it operates through social initiatives and investments

Titan applies the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into all of our operations.

We work hard to protect the native species that live in and around our exploration projects. We have purpose-built project nurseries under which we have developed with the aim of sustaining and improving native vegetation at our projects.

In addition, we are testing and developing the introduction of new crops for local farmers, in an effort to explore the potential of higher yield, higher income crops.

Our exploration activities are designed to minimise our physical footprint, using low volumes of power, water and other consumables. We use small, light-weight man portable drilling rigs, which only require narrow access paths. We practice progressive rehabilitation and safe environmental practices as exploration programs are carried out.

We conduct environmental monitoring prior to, during and after exploration activities to monitor the quality of air, soil, water and noise to ensure minimal disturbance to the environment. This work is conducted by and independent biologist, and externally audited on an annual basis.